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Lazy Eye - Amblyopia

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Condition: When one eye is favored more by the brain the other eye starts to wander slowly as compared to the preferred eye, also leading to the brain ignoring signals from the lazy eye and can result in vision impairment and loss of depth perception.

Symptoms: the tendency to bump into objects on one side, wandering eye, poor depth perception, squint (deviation of eyeballs), double vision.

Treatment: It is very important to diagnose this condition in childhood through thorough Comprehensive Eye Examination. Correct power of glasses at all times is the initial treatment. Patching of eye (Occlusion Therapy) or Vision Therapy sessions maybe required which are very helpful in treating of Lazy Eye/ Squint and Depth perception. Surgery is only required if both eyes point in opposite directions. Apart from that use of contact lenses, eye patches and eye drops can help improve the situation.

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