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About Us

AMVision Eye & Child Care

The desire to provide world-class quality treatment at an affordable cost led Dr Chirag Mittal and Dr Himani Mittal to envision this super speciality centre for eyes and childhood diseases.


Today, more than ever, patients and their families demand the best treatment that is not only accessible but also pocket-friendly. Doctors have to juggle these expectations with the rising cost of medicines and equipment.


It is here that critical thinking and clinical judgement of the AMVision team become crucial. Their extensive training and vast experience enable them to provide personalised and compassionate care that is within the reach of patients.


For team AMVision, making a diagnosis and discussing treatment is only one dimension of patient care. Developing trust is their primary concern to build a long-lasting doctor-patient relationship.


In this context, Dr Chirag and Dr Himani bring to AMVision people skills, professional standards and highest regard for medical ethics. Following in the footsteps of their respective doctor parents, they endeavour to take forward the tradition of patient care.

Our Ideology

Where CARE comes first

Rational Diagnosis

The doctors at AMVsion are both fellowship trained at prestigious institutes of India and have a principle of taking the disease at face value and not rely solely on tests and reports. A rational approach to arriving at diagnosis means that a step by step algorithm is followed taking into account patient history, simple tests and clinical acumen based on peer reviewed journals and evidence based medicine.

Honest Opinion

Honesty and trust are the foundations of the doctor-patient relationship. At AMVision, we follow the highest ethical standards to provide you with an honest medical opinion. Be it a fever or a complicated eye surgery, you can depend on us for an impartial assessment and accurate treatment without compromising on the quality of care.

Affordable Quality Care

In these days of rising costs of treatment, we at AMVision believe that the focus of the treatment should be medical and not commercial. Cost of the therapy should not come in between the doctor and patient relationship and undermine our core value of providing world class care at affordable rates.

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