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Health Drinks - Need or Greed?

We all care about the growth and health of our beloved children and their all-round development. Parents leave no stone unturned to get the best for their kids.

We often come across advertisements which state facts as:

"Tann ki Shakti, mann ki Shakti" – says the athletic girl

‘I am a **** boy’ – Claims that tall boy in the ad

"Taller, Stronger and Sharper" - the TV booms into your home.

All these advertisements ultimately tell one thing i.e. these supplements enhance growth and contribute to the overall development of the body and mind. But they don't state how they contribute.

Baby’s body requires protein and calcium in high amounts but sugars, saturated fats, and cholesterol in regulated amount.

All these packaged health supplements targeted at young children as a treatment of “picky eaters” are filled with high content of sugars. So while everyone gets attracted to wards the claims made by such supplements, with an expectation that they will help in the development, a parallel stream of habits is also formed due to taste and formulations involved.

In the garb of “health ” we tend to feed our children these sugar laden milk drinks which actually cause more harm than good.

With increased sugar and chocolate, the danger of cavities and tooth decay increases. Also the natural process of food absorption and the health cycles related to development of child are hindered with.

Health supplements are advised to kids these days rampantly. More often by the television and not the doctors. More damage than benefit is done by inadvertent usage by ignorant parents.

Let’s analyse the benefits – the supplements give us protein, which is required for growth in kids in a higher amount than adults. If more than required proteins are given, it causes obesity and related disorders like Insulin resistance syndrome.

To make a wise decision we should analyse the amount of sugar in the formula. Too high sugar content will cause obesity and other lifestyle disorders. As we all know "Too much of anything is not good."

Yes, these drinks can be good but please take your paediatrician’s advice. If your child really needs it or not; as too much of milk can devoid your child of iron and zinc and other necessary nutrients.

And remember these drinks are not allowed before 2 years of age as they have potential of allergies and kidney damage. These drinks are recommended only if your paediatrician finds it necessary for baby’s health.

Homemade foods, and diet charts made as per calorie and protein requirements are best options for babies under one year of age.

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